Mini Burger Cupcakes

Yes – these sweet burgers are cupcakes! I made these a couple of weeks ago for our American friends who came to visit us in Germany. I needed to bake two seperate batches of cupcakes, a mix of chocolate and vanilla. The vanilla cupcake tops are used as the hamburgers buns & the chocolate tops make the meat patty. But a burger is not a burger without sauce! So I made a regular butter cream icing and then added the red & yellow food colouring to resemble the ketchup and mustard. Who would’ve thought burgers could be a meal and a dessert?

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One Response to Mini Burger Cupcakes

  1. Westville Guzzle Bunnies says:

    Oh my the picture of the burger looks stunning. Once we got onto the blog, we immediately set about making the ‘burgers’ but they didn’t come out as the picture showed – we think you need to visit us with your wonderful husband to make the cakes from scratch:)

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